When conditions require a facility to add a temperature screening booth at the exterior of their buildings, purchasing a pre-assembled, modular temperature screening booth is the most effective solution.

Temperature Screening Booth
Temperature Screening Booth 0042-C

Par-Kut International has built portable steel buildings since 1954, and a Par-Kut guard booth or security booth can be used as a temperature screening booth during the Covid-19 and the post Covid-19 world. At the facilities’ entrances, visitors, customers, employees, patients, or students can have their temperature taken via an infrared thermometer. A Par-Kut temperature
screening booth features typically include a sliding glass window, an HVAC system, LED interior lighting, countertop, and interior electrical outlets. These features allow the temperature screening booth to serve as a security booth to secure the building and employees.

Temperature Screening Booth
Temperature Screening Booth 0081-PV

Adding a temperature screening booth or security booth to the entrance of the main building with a traditional stick-built construction requires time and cost. On the other hand, preassembled construction can provide reduced lead, build and down time. Par-Kut temperature screening booths are built with pre-assembled steel construction and save time and cost. In addition, Par-Kut temperature screening booths or security booths are portable, and easy to move with a forklift for future convenience in locating a guard booth our guardhouse where it is needed.

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