Touchless technology is key to adapting your security booth, guard booth or guardhouse to the post Covid-19 world when people prefer minimum physical contact at an entrance gate. Par-Kut International’s versatility in design and their fabrication experience and equipment allow us to custom-design a security booth that uses touchless technology.

Security Booth
Security Booth 18-197

One of the touchless technologies for a guard booth, security booth or guard house is an exterior mounted ID scanner. This allows a security officer to check your employees’ credentials without face-to-face physical contact when they enter the facility’s gate. The security personnel can also use a handheld ID scanner to verify the ID through the siding glass window of the security booth as well. In the same way, the security guard can take a person’s temperature, and do that through the sliding window.

In addition, Par-Kut can custom-design a guard booth with an amplified intercom system and a countertop ticket window with an exterior counter for saliva testing for Covid-19. A Par-Kut security booth with amplified speak-thru window intercom system provides protection for your security personnel with high-quality person-to-person communication between your security guard and visitors and/or employees when set apart by fixed windows, or even bullet resistant security windows.

Moreover, any Par-Kut security booth can be equipped with a wall mounted sanitizer dispenser, and for those Par-Kut guardhouses with a built in restroom, motion sensing hand soap dispensers, a touchless automatic faucet, a hands free automatic paper towel dispenser and an electric forced air hand dryer provide a comfortable and safe environment for your security officers.

Further, Par-Kut can design and build a premiere security booth with automatic sliding doors, even though they are very expensive. Automatic sliding doors use optical or motion detection sensors to activate their motorized opening and closing functions. When incorporated in a Par-Kut security building, this technology also can allow your security officers to lock and unlock doors automatically, remotely and without keys. Today’s technology allows these automatic sliding doors to be integrated with most access control systems.