security booth
Security Booth 04-149

Par-Kut International offers each galvanized security booth  or parking booth with a paint finish for aesthetic appearance and durability. Par-Kut’s standard, default paint finish is DuPont Imron epoxy polyurethane. Additionally, Par-Kut provides more than 50 standard colors to choose from in their regular palette. Upon request, a custom color can be applied, for a nominal fee. Moreover, your Par-Kut guard house can include multi-color paint, non high gloss, stripes, graphics, or even metallic colors. Your imagination and budget are the only limit!

security booth
Security Booth 05-009

The high build finish coat of paint on a factory assembled Par-Kut guard house is guaranteed to satisfy the need for a quality product whenever a security booth, guard booth, guard shack or parking booth is required. For longevity, it’s important to point out that on standard Par-Kut booths, the paint is applied over a welded single unit steel structure that features a flow coat galvanized steel tube frame and galvanealed steel wall, roof and ceiling panels. The zinc rich coatings on the skeleton, walls and roof of the security booth provide for superior paint adhesion, and are self- healing in the event of an abrasion.

parking booth
Parking Booth PARK-001

Whatever color or colors are desired on your security booth, Par-Kut will apply the coating in a professional manner that will provide a durable and appealing finish. For more information about Par-Kut security booths, go to our official security booth page. For more specific information, please go to our contact us page or call 1- 800-394-6599.