A portable, prefabricated security booth or guard booth can be very useful when designing a security plan; whether you need the security booth for short-term, long-term or permanent needs. Some security focused companies need a more efficient way to shelter their security officers at a number of access control points on their properties than by building permanent guard buildings a those different locations on that facility. The solution is to install a mobile security booth.

Mobile Security Booth with Casters
Mobile Security Booth with Casters 12-011

Par-Kut International builds a product category of mobile security booths that can be moved simply from place to place on your grounds as your security needs shift. A Par-Kut mobile security booth or guard booth can include a security booth, guard booth or guard house on casters, with forklift pockets in the base, skids underneath the base, or installed upon a small flat bed utility trailer. A Par-Kut mobile guard booth provides versatility to security companies to secure a larger area without the added expense of permanently installing security booths  or guard booths at multiple locations. The trailer mounted security booths are great for rapid deployment during fast developing or temporary conditions. And these trailer mounted units can be pulled by most vehicles and are quite stable with the leveling jacks provided.

Using a Par-Kut mobile security booth allows you to save costs and reduce downtime. For more information about Par-Kut mobile security booth or guard booth, visit www.guard-booth.net/contact or call 1-800-394-6599.