Of late, demonstrations and civil unrest have led to rioting, looting, and more. While the root causes of civil unrest are difficult for an individual to change, one can certainly improve their property’s security to help prevent damage and reduce the chances for crime to occur. To protect your business, a security booth or guard house is a great addition to your parking area, gate, storage yard or entrance. A guard booth increases the security and can improve the efficiency of your facility.

Security Booth
Security Booth 17-094

First, the presence of a security booth or a guard booth with security personnel provides peace of mind and a sense of security for your customers and employees alike. It also gives customers the feeling that your business cares about their safety, which contributes to bringing customers back in the future.

Security Guard Booth
Security Guard Booth 17-033

Second, simply having a security booth and security officers present can deter thieves and looters from loitering and committing further crimes. Criminals will hesitate to target a facility that clearly has uniformed protection with a security booth & security guards. Professional security personnel are trained to handle crimes by taking down details and calling the police. A security booth or guard house with live security officers is a stronger deterrent than camera surveillance alone.

Third, security guards can also monitor the video surveillance from within the security booth and check visitor credentials, in-person. The security officers can watch for thieves, looters, and vandals, and observe the grounds after normal business hours. Monitoring performed by the security guards from the guard booth provides higher security at your facility.

Finally, security officers at a security booth offer better customer service than camera
surveillance alone. Besides human contact, security guards at a guard booth can give information to help your customers with directions and to find where stores or restaurants nearby. A well-trained officer can serve as an ambassador of good will and a Par-Kut booth is their office.

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