Border Security Booth
Border Security Booth 0040-C

Security booths for borders, also known as border crossing inspection booths, are being utilized more frequently by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Department (CBP) as part of their vehicle inspection process at both the Mexican and Canadian borders. Typical locations include southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Northern border crossings requiring more and more security booths are New York, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana Idaho Washington, Maine and Vermont. It is a proven fact that the more inspection booths a land port of entry (LPOE) has, the faster vehicles will be processed through.

Par-Kut International provides prefabricated, factory-assembled security booths for borders. A security booth can be built  with traditional construction, but all Par-Kut prefab security booths or guard booths are entirely pre-assembled, portable and are ready for use upon offloading. In other words, when you order a Par-Kut pre-assembled security booth for border stations, you eliminate most of the downtime associated with onsite construction. In addition, a Par-Kut security booth can be customized to suit the location in terms of both function and aesthetics.

Some of the specific options for border crossing inspection booths or border security booths include bi-level steel construction to allow a security booth to service both trucks and cars. Other security options are double action inspection doors, bullet resistant windows and walls, lane marker lights on the roof of the booths, duress signals, exterior flood lights, stainless steel cabinets, adjustable height work counters, preps for data, and more.

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