Par-Kut built these two security shelters for installation over top of some tandem security turnstiles located at an industrial plant or warehouse in Georgia.

The Par-Kut welded steel construction allows the assembled turnstile canopy to be crane offloaded and set in place over the top of already installed turnstiles.

These security turnstile canopy options include color of choice, divider partitions for anti pass back of ID cards, built in lighting and other conduit raceways to assist with installation of required site wiring.

Security Shelters with Security Turnstile Canopies

The security shelter with security turnstile canopy is one of Par-Kut guard booth / security booth applications. Par-Kut guard booth prefabrication techniques allow us to build those prefab security shelters with security turnstile canopies. Those security shelters are portable and factory-assembled with 100% steel construction. For more information about Par-Kut secuirty turnstile canopies or guard booth / security booth applications, click the button below.