This large 12’x34′ long security building or guard building is actually two factory assembled  guard houses or guard booths that were joined in the field. Built for Franklin Technical Park in Franklin, IN.  Tippman Construction and Par-Kut International collaborated to join the 2nd building to the 1st. The great thing is that each building construction was done three years apart! Both security buildings were 12’ x 34’, but the 2nd building has a 4’6” x 6’0” vestibule that joins the two. These guard buildings include: wall and roof insulation,  insulated bronze safety glass,  top mounted HVAC units, hinged steel doors,  supplemental heaters, phone/data jacks,  flexi tile flooring, recessed lighting, and handicap restroom package.

Par-Kut portable steel buildings are versatile. The long multi-room security building is one of Par-Kut guard booth & security booth applications.

Security Building
Security Building 12-154 & 15-147