This security booth, also known as guard booth, parking booth or cashier booth is  a Par-Kut 4′ x 8′ Round End CURVUE Series. An attractive alternative to traditional rectangular guard booth design, the stylish CURVUE Series from Par-Kut has a unique look with round ends.  These super rugged CURVUE guard booths, security booths, cashier booths or parking booths were designed and built especially for parking fee collect at the JFK Center for Performing Arts in Washington, DC.  Besides the cashier window, the parking booths have climate control, electrical and data preps.

Security Booth
Security Booth 84CRV-N

Par-Kut International designs and builds portable steel buildings including security booths, guard booths, parking booths, cashier booths, ticket booths, valet booths, control booths, in plant offices and transit shelters. All Par-Kut security booths are prefabricated, portable and pre-assembled with 100% steel construction. This Par-Kut Parking Booth 84CRV-N is one of Par-Kut guard booth applications.

Guard Booth
Guard Booth 84CRV-N
Security Booth
Security Booth at JFK Center

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