This 8' x 12' made-to-order guard booth was designed and built for an automotive assembly plant. Custom-designed security booth details include the 24" roof overhang for shade and rain protection, two sliding doors, two sliding windows, two tone paint and custom blue tinted insulated Low E glass. With interior and exterior lights as well as a thru wall HVAC unit, the guard house, also written in guardhouse or known as guard building is usable day or night and in all kinds of weather.

Portable Guard Booth 19-278

This custom guard booth is one of Par-Kut guard booth / security booth applications. Par-Kut guard booths or security booths are prefabricated, portable and pre-assembled with 100% welded steel construction in the Par-Kut factory.  A Par-Kut prefab guard booth is easy to move by A Par-Kut prefab guard booth is transported fully assembled to the final destination on a flatbed truck and then the single unit prefab security booth is most simply off-loaded with a forklift. A larger guard booth such as this Par-Kut guard booth 19-278 need a crane to off-load. Then, the security booth will be set into place, leveled, anchored down to customer-offered concrete slab with expansion bolts, and then, the guard booth’s pre-wired circuit breaker panel will be connected to the onsite electrical service. The Par-Kut portable guard booth is also easy to move in the future with a forklift or crane, as well. The lifting ring(s) in the portable security booth roof come standard with all Par-Kut security booths.