This 10' x 21' factory assembled Par-Kut guard booth, also known as guard house, guardhouse, guard  building or security building was custom built for a high security data center in Virginia.  The 24/7 location required a built in restroom as well as separate work stations at each end of the security booth.  The portable steel building, also known as portable guard booth includes a split pack HVAC system, pre-wired lights and outlets, LowE insulated glass, an extended roof overhang and sliding doors for ease of access to passing traffic.

Prefab Guard Booth 19-275
Portable Security Booth 19-275

This 10' x 21' large guard booth or security booth is one of Par-Kut prefabricated guard booth or security booth applications. Par-Kut prefab guard booths or prefab security booths are pre-assembled with 100% welded steel construction in the Par-Kut factory. Par-Kut prefab guardhouses are also portable, and easy to move by forklift for smaller security booths or by crane for larger guard booths, also known as guard houses, guard buildings or security buildings.