This large guard booth, also known as guard house, guard building, or security building was a two-module unit, custom designed and built for a new automobile assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan. The 12′ x 58′ security booth features a hip style roof with ribbed standing seam roofing treatment as well as custom paneling on the exterior walls. Each module was 12′ x 29′ and the prefabricated guard booth or guard building was designed with a mate line that included mechanical fasteners and electrical connection and splice points. Each prefab guard booth included factory wiring for interior and exterior lighting, HVAC, factory installed tinted insulated glass, custom countertops and more. Two module construction provides customers the opportunity to utilize a rugged welded steel Par-Kut portable guard booth in situations that previously precluded it. Each prefab security booth was shipped to the job site and then crane offloaded and set in place with final connections made by the general contractor. AT roughly 700 square feet, this portable security booth is one of the largest portable steel buildings made to date at the Par-Kut factory.

Guard Booth
Guard Booth 19-236
Portable Guard Booth
Portable Guard Booth 19-236
Guard Building
Guard Building 19-236

This guard building is one of Par-Kut guard booth / security booth applications. Par-Kut prefabrication techniques allows us to build this big portable guard building. Par-Kut prefab guard booths or portable security booths are portable and easy to move by forklift or crane. For more information about Par-Kut portable guard booths or prefab security booths, click the button below.