This 10′ x 12′ PAR-KUT guard booth, also known as security booth, security building, guard building or guard house was built to order for a large online retailer to serve as a check point at one of their distribution centers.

Guard Booth
Guard Booth 18-184

Featuring energy code compliant high performance tinted Low E glass and sliding windows for handling paperwork, this particular security building was built to withstand high wind speeds, snow loads and even seismic activity.

Climate control equipment, lighting and electrical outlets in the guard booth are built in at the factory to provide a highly efficient work space that is easy to set in place and use.

This Par-Kut guard booth 18-184 is one of Par-Kut guard booth / security booth applications. Par-Kut guard booths or security booths including the Par-Kut guard booth 18-184 are portable, prefabricated and factory-assembled with welded steel construction.  Most Par-Kut guard booths are easy to move with a forklift. This particular  portable guard booth is easy to move with a crane. For more information about Par-Kut prefab guard booths, click the button below.