This prison is located near one of the largest cities in the United States.  It is a high traffic facility with many high-profile prisoners, family, law enforcement personnel, facility support vendors, staff and lawyers.  It is extremely important to have security checkpoints at the entry/exit points and sally ports.

Bullet Resistant Guard Booth
Bullet Resistant Guard Booth 17-086
Portable Guard Booth
Portable Guard Booth 17-086

The Par-Kut guard booth, also known as control booth shown here is 8′ x 8′ and is of bullet resistant construction.  The walls, doors and windows are of ballistic construction, made to comply with the correctional department’s specifications.  Sliding doors on both sides of the security booth allow the officer easy access to both lanes of traffic.  Entirely pre-wired at the factory, the Par-Kut security booth was offloaded, set up and ready for service within 24 hours of delivery. The Par-Kut prefabricated guard booth, also known as prefab guard booth is easy to move with a forklift or crane. For more information about Par-Kut portable guard booths or bullet resistant guard booths, please click the button below.