These custom built 6’ x 12’ and 6’ x 15’ guard booths, also known as security booths, guard houses or guard buildings, were manufactured for a Tier One automotive supplier in the greater Detroit area. The site architect incorporated the monolithic appearance of the main building along with reveals, tinted glass and an eyebrow sort of canopy overhang on the factory assembled Par-Kut guardhouses. Functional items included sliding windows, a sliding door, insulated glass, air conditioning and heat, and an extended parapet to conceal the roof top a/ c unit.

Guard Booth 05-052
Prefab Guard Booth 05-051
Guard Booths 05-051 & 05-052

These Par-Kut guard booths were designed and factory assembled for guard house and security booth applications. A Par-Kut prefab guard booth or prefab security booth is portable and factory-assembled with 100% welded steel construction. A Par-Kut portable guard booth or portable security booth is easy to move by forklift for a smaller guard booth or by crane for a larger guard booth, also known as a guard house or guard building. All Par-Kut guard booths, security booths, guard houses, guard buildings, security buildings, parking booths, ticket booths, information booths and even more are all portable steel buildings. Fore more information about those custom designed guard booths, click the button below.