This 4’ x 8’ welded steel inspection booth. also known as guard booth or security booth was one of several built in the Par-Kut factory for a busy international crossing between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. In addition to windows all around for 360 degree visibility, the purpose built set of vehicle border inspection booths, also known as guard booths or security booths include a sloped end window to reduce glare, insulated glass, HVAC, lane control signal lights and a “double- action” sliding door with horizontal sliding window with heavy duty hardware.

Security Booth
Security Booth 0013-C
Prefab Guard Booth
Prefab Guard Booth 0013-C

This border inspection booth is one of Par-Kut guard booth / security booth applications. All Par-Kut guard booths or security booths are prefabricated and factory-assembled with 100% steel construction. These Par-Kut prefab guard booths are also portable, and easy to move with a crane. For more information about those border inspection booths or other guard booth applications, please click the button below.