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Parking Booth 14-293

For hotel guests, the car parking facility may be the first impression they get of your hotel. Your first time guests will likely want to know; “Is the car park safe and secure?” Installing a parking booth and staffing it with a parking attendant can be quite advantageous for your hotel business.

First, the presence of a parking booth with parking lot attendants or valet parking attendants at your hotel parking lot can offer peace of mind and a sense of security for your guests. It gives your guests the feeling that the hotel cares about their safety, which helps boost repeat business.

Secondly, staffing a parking booth with parking attendants can bring an additional revenue stream for your hotel. Parking attendants at a parking booth can also offer insured cash handling and different levels of parking validation. For an instance, a validation ticket allows overnight guests extended parking for a late checkout, while casual diners at the hotel restaurant benefit from a few hours of free parking.

parking booth 07-051
Parking Booth 07-051

Thirdly, parking attendants at a parking booth offer better customer service than self-payment machines. A polite parking attendant at a parking booth can offer information such as helping people with driving directions and to find stores or restaurants near the hotel.

For the above reasons, it is beneficial to install a parking booth at your hotel parking facility. Par-Kut builds portable parking booths with a variety of revenue collection and security options. To learn more about Par-Kut parking booths for your hotel business, email us at or call us at 1-800-394-6599.