We’ve recently learned that during an epidemic outbreak such as the coronavirus (Covid-19) it is critical to position your security officers at entrances to main buildings and grounds, truck and contactor gates and doors. In doing so, and if volume allows, Par-Kut International security booths can keep your security personnel safe and comfortable while they may be tasked with health screening of visitors to the location. These Par-Kut guard booths can be one of the most important tools to protect your guards and employees. In this blog, we are focusing on the benefits of installing a portable guard booth to secure an entrance.

Security Guard Booth
Security Guard Booth 17-162

Having a guard booth, security booth or cashier booth located near ground entrances can be very important, as the security booth or guard house provides your guard personnel a place to stand, it can help them maintain a distance from potentially infected visitors as well as offering a noticeable place for those people to stop and request entrance to the grounds.

The security booth, guard booth or cashier booth can be also used as a checkpoint to screen visitors prior to entering a location. For an example, hospitals and other facilities now require visitors or patients to be screened prior to entering the building. Installing a portable cashier booth and using it as a screening facility can help protect healthy individuals by keeping infected or those suspected of being sick at a distance.

In this way, using a Par-Kut portable security booth or cashier booth as a screening station is helpful to securing your facility entrance and protecting the people you are responsible for. To request more information about Par-Kut security booths, please visit https://www.guard-booth.net/contact or call us at 1-800-3946599