guard booth
Guard Booth 0093-PRZ

When installing a guard house, security booth or guard booth, a specifier or buyer will often consider adding roof top or ceiling mounted security cameras.

guard booth
guard booth 0015-C

For exterior security cameras on the guard booth, a conduit run to the roof top, overhang soffit, or side wall header, with or without a weather proof wiring junction box can be used. Par-Kut can also furnish the roof area with a reinforced mounting bracket or plate for larger surveillance cameras in areas with high wind loads. Using roof top cameras allows you to monitor the ctivity surrounding the guard booth even when the security guard is not occupied.

guard booth
Guard Booth 0054-C

For security inside a parking booth or cashier booth, customers can request us to prep for cameras in the ceiling of the parking booth or cashier booth for viewing the cashier to customer transactions. Further, Par-Kut can even provide vandal resistant or bullet resistant construction and/or deal trays or transaction drawers for higher security. Additional security can be gained with the use of motion sensor and photo cell activated lights on any guard house, guard booth, parking booth or cashier booth.

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