Facility managers, security managers and architects have all been concerned about airflow and ventilation systems within small and closed environments such as those found inside a guard booth. As well, social distancing in the building due to Covid-19 can be a concern, particularly with visitors. A small building such as a guard house, guard booth or security booth is typically operated “open-door” throughout the year, which provides good airflow, but during the wintertime in a cold region, the door(s) need to be closed to save heat. Any solutions?

Security Booth
Security Booth 17-395

In addition to the owner placing signage and spacing reminders, Par-Kut can offer up some assistance with a new guard booth. Par-Kut International can build a guardhouse or security booth with a wall-mounted HVAC unit that can offer good airflow inside provide fresh outside air into the booth. In addition, Par-Kut can include ceiling or wall mounted exhaust fans that offer a cost-effective method to provide improved air circulation. Par-Kut manufactures guard houses with a restroom and those include an exhaust fan for ventilation, as standard equipment.

Sliding windows, either horizontal or vertical, may be added to a Par-Kut guard booth to take advantage of natural breezes to ventilate the booth. And, should space and budget allow it, Par-Kut can build a larger guard booth, also known as guard house, guard building or security building that allows security offers to practice social distancing inside the building.

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