In addition to the proper size and position on your perimeter, the design and layout of your guard booth is critical to your business's safety. A primary purpose for having a guard booth is to discourage criminals from attacking, or even entering your facility. The presence of a security booth or guard house can deter unwanted trespassing, theft, and vandalism. Thus, choosing the security booth design is the most important key in choosing the right guard booth or guard house for your location. This blog explains the basic building clocks of guard booth design: features and options.

Guard Booth 19-278

Par-Kut International, longtime guard booth manufacturer, recommends providing your security guards in the guard booth a 360-degree field of vision. This is accomplished by installing windows in all four sides of the security booth. Having windows all the way around banishes blind spots for the security officers inside the booth and makes certain they are able to see all visitors who enter the facility. 360-degree visibility is included with all Par-Kut standard guard booths.

One of the portable guard booth or prefabricated security booth options that secured facilities request would be exterior mounted floodlights. If your manned guard booth or guardhouse operates 24 hours a day, floodlights provide a much greater field of vision for your security guards at night. Additionally, they can also serve as a deterrent, sending a signal to potential criminals there is an active security presence at the guard booth.

Most locations can utilize standard construction. However, some highly sensitive locations need more. The highest threat level prefab security booth or portable guard booth options include bullet resistant construction and gun ports. Par-Kut can design and build a bullet resistant guard booth to meet all levels of bullet-resistance with ballistic glass, wall armor and impact-rated doors. Another unique feature for high threat level guard booths is the incorporation of gun ports into the security booth design. These high threat level security options ultimately provide a way to deter an attack and also allows the security officers to protect themselves.

Bullet Resistant Guard Booths 19-291

Par-Kut guard booths, guard houses and security booths are prefabricated, portable and pre-assembled in the Par-Kut factory with 100% welded steel construction. Par-Kut manufactures these portable steel buildings in their own manufacturing plant. For more information about Par-Kut guard booth designs or modern guard house designs including security features, types of security booths, and available sizes of security guard houses, please contact 1-800-394-6599 or click the button below.