Par-Kut guard booths, security booths, ticket booths and control booths are portable, prefabricated and factory-assembled with single unit, welded steel construction, lifting/hoist rings in the roof and ship ready to install. Typically, a Par-Kut guard booth will be off-loaded with a forklift, but, depending on the size and number of utility risers, a crane may be needed.

Security Booth
Security Booth 15-047

Par-Kut guard booths are built-to-order, pre-assembled and ship out on a flatbed truck to locations throughout the United States. When the truck arrives at the job site, our customers will have a forklift or a crane to offload the guard booth from the truck and set it in place. The solid welded steel frame of a Par-Kut building and its built in rugged 4″ steel base allow for simple fork lift handling. All Par-Kut security booths are built with a 4″ heavy gauge tubular steel base frame that can have slots built in to accommodate the forks of a standard lift truck. Lifting or hoist rings are standard equipment in a Par-Kut guard booth and allow for overhead lifting by a crane. For further customer convenience, Par-Kut will set up the trucking arrangements between the freight carriers and the receivers.

Guard Booth with Fork Lift Pockets
Guard Booth with Fork Lift Pockets
Guard Booth
Lifting a Guard Booth by a Crane

When a customer purchases a Par-Kut guard booth, security booth, parking booth, ticket booth or control booth, technical specifications and drawings are provided to the customer. These detailed technical plans include the information required to construct a suitable concrete pad for the guard booth installation, no matter the footprint or custom needs. It is advantageous to consult with a local engineer and to comply with local building codes to ensure proper concrete pad and anchoring to suit the local climate and seismic conditions. Proper construction of a concrete pad at the job site before a Par-Kut security booth is delivered will allow the onsite installers to provide a great installation.

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