Use of a guard booth, also known as a security booth, has been typical in the parking industry for decades. The security
booth is often called a “parking booth” or “parking lot booth.” The parking booth doubles as a guardhouse as well as a revenue collection station. When it comes to revenue collections in the parking industry, there are two main types: self-service (automated) pay machine and manned parking booth.

Prefab Guard Booth
Prefab Guard Booth 151

Automated pay machines, also known as self-service pay stations for parking revenue collection can minimize or eliminate the need for on-site parking attendants and therefore reduce payroll expense. However, automated parking pay systems can be very costly to purchase, install and monitor. In addition, the automated parking pay machines may fail when they are exposed to severe weather. As a result, there can be high repair and maintenance bills. More importantly, when the automated pay machines are down, your customers cannot pay and may not be able to enter, or even exit.

Security Booth
Security Booth 15-131 – Parking Booth


Guard Booth
Guard Booth 15-131

On the other hand, having a staffed parking booth will allow for a parking attendant to collect payments in person. In addition, the parking attendant can help prevent crimes and vandalism. The presence of a staffed parking booth can deter criminals. Typically, a parking booth with an attendant or security officer present is a greater visual deterrent than camera surveillance alone. Moreover, the presence of a parking lot booth with a parking attendant offers visitors and employees a sense of security and peace of mind. Further, a parking attendant booth can provide customers with useful information, flexibility with types of payment and better customer service than self serve pay machines alone. Additionally, the parking lot booth provides basic shelter for parking attendants and security officers, keeping them safe, secure and comfortable.

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