A guard booth, also known as a security booth or guard house, is regularly used in a wide variety of manufacturing and processing environments.  Assembly plants, mills, mines, transportation yards, and dredges are but a few. Guard booth industrial applications include in-plant offices, crane cabs, control pulpits, control booths, security guard stations, operator shelters, and environmental shelters. In this blog, we will address more details of how a guard booth can be used within an industrial operation.

Security Booth
Security Booth 15-185

The following situations are examples of how a security booth, guard booth or prefab booth can be utilized by industrial businesses:

* Clear view of in-plant operations
* Shipping & Receiving
* Approval of documents & ID
* Control and direct visitor vehicle traffic
* Safety & Control of bulk material handling

Guard Booth
Guard Booth 107
Clear view of in-plant operations With standard windows  providing 360 degree visibility, and being portable, a welded steel booth can be located almost anywhere.  As such, guard booth in-plant applications allow production and quality control supervisors to remain in temperature controlled office while maintaining a clear view of their in-plant operations. This type of security booth is often called “in plant office”, “inplant office”, “modular inplant office”, “prefab office”, “control room” or a “supervisor booth”.

Shipping & Receiving
For inventory control as well as security reasons, plant and facility operators generally check all trucks coming onto the facility.   Placing a security booth at the entry point for deliveries allows your security officers to collect the necessary information and inspect the materials in or on the truck.  Likewise, outbound shipments can be processed. This type of guard booth is often called an “operator booth”, “operator shelter” or “inspection booth”.

Approval of documents & ID
A guard booth serves as a check-in and check-out point;  security personnel can verify identification, review printed documentation about shipments and deliveries and deter unwanted visitors. This type of security booth is often called a “checkpoint

Control and direct visitor vehicle traffic
Stationing a security booth at the entrance/exit of the facility allows gate guards to control traffic to and from buildings and grounds: the security personnel typically operate a gate to allow entrance or exit of employees, truckers, authorized visitors, and their vehicles.  Information and directions are often provided to first time visitors. This type of guard booth is often called a “traffic control booth”.

Safety & Control of bulk material handling
For safety and security purposes, a guard booth is often used to monitor and control bulk material handling. For instance, the security officer will check scale weight tickets to assure proper billing to customer for loaded trucks leaving the facility.  Additionally, a guard booth can be positioned in an overwatch location to oversee loading operations to comply with safety regulations.   This type of guard booth is often called a “control booth”, “operator shelter”, “operator booth”, “control pulpit”, “loading rack booth”, “dredge cab”, “dock control office “, “scale house”, “environmental shelter”, etc..

Par-Kut International manufactures these industrial booths. Par-Kut industrial guard booths are prefabricated, factory-assembled and portable with welded, 100% steel construction. Par-Kut portable steel buildings are rugged and long-lasting, providing long term value. The versatility of Par-Kut’s fabrication skill set and equipment allow Par-Kut to provide a wide range of security booth applications from inplant offices to control booths for virtually every industry. Par-Kut can provide a standard industrial booth or one that is fully customized. For more information about Par-Kut guard booths in industrial applications, please click the button below or call 1-800-394-6599.