elevated security booth-0090-C
Elevated Security Booth-0090-C

Par-Kut security booths are generally anchored to a level concrete pad. However, when higher visibility and better sight lines are required, raising the guard house can be simply accomplished by adding an optional pre fab platform and stairs. Elevated security booths are well suited for perimeter protection, large surface area parking lots and truck traffic gates.

A pre engineered Par-Kut elevated platform or tower fills the need for elevating your security booths, guard booths, parking booths and guard towers. Common platforms heights are 3’, 4’, 5’, and 6’, 8’ and 10.’ Platforms higher than 10 feet are generally called towers and are typically used for military, correctional and utility facilities. This blog describes how a typical elevated guard booth is installed.

A Par-Kut guard booth can be simply installed on the top of a new or existing concrete block platform, but the most convenient elevated guard booth platform is entirely factory-assembled. With the factory assembled approach, the stand is either shipped ahead of the booth, or together, but is offloaded first from the truck and bolted down. Next, the security booth is hoisted off the
truck and set down into the top rail of the guard booth stand and bolt are secured. Last, the stairway is bolted to the stand. To finish the installation, the electric supply and low voltage wiring is hooked up.

Alternatively, for platforms and guard towers there is an option for the components to ship knocked down (K-D). This option requires site assembly by a contractor and usually features a hot dip galvanized finish instead of paint. Sometimes, due to size, the platform is painted after being welded together since the assembly is too large to be hot dip galvanized. Meanwhile, the stairs and railings can still be hot dip galvanized for better corrosion protection desired in foot traffic areas.

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