Guard House

Guard House 15-156

Modern Guard House

What is a modern guard house? According to Wikipedia, a modern guard house, also written as “guardhouse” or known as guard house,  guard booth or security booth, is built off site in a factory to a design based on customer approved drawings. In another words, modern guard houses are factory-assembled, […]

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Guard Booth

How to Install a Guard House

Par-Kut manufactures and ships your ready to install guard house, guard booth, security booth or parking booth designed and built to meet all your unique requirements. All Par-Kut guard houses are pre-assembled and are shipped ready for installation. Par-Kut guard booths are factory-assembled of 100% welded steel, which gives you […]

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What is a Guard House?

What is a guard house? What is a guard booth? Guard houses, also known as guardhouses, guard booths and even guard shacks; are generally placed at entrances as checkpoints for securing, monitoring and maintaining access control into commercial, industrial, governmental, or residential facilities. For more information about the definition of a guard […]

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