cashier booth 0075-S
Cashier Booth 0075-S

Revenue collection is very important for any business, particularly for businesses that own or operate parking facilities who need to try to maximize profitability by charging a fee to park. Par-Kut cashier booths can provide revenue collection while also being able to provide excellent customer service. Those cashier booths allows for face to face interaction with consumers, which automated pay machine can’t provide and at times can be priceless.

Cashier Booth 0063-PRZ
Cashier Booth 0063-PRZ

Another important benefit of a Par-Kut cashier booth is that it is portable. A Par-Kut cashier booth can be moved easily by fork lift, crane, and other ways. In addition, Par-Kut cashier booths are built of rugged welded steel  construction, which provides durable and long lasting cashier booths for the owner and a comfortable and safe work environment for the attendants . All Par-Kut cashier booths are pre-assembled, and ready to use immediately upon delivery.

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