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Guard Booth

Par-Kut International plays a significant role in providing guard booths, security booth, guard shacks and guard houses (guardhouses) to airports, private industry, commercial, industrial, government and the U.S military throughout America and around the globe. Because Par-Kut portable steel buildings are built to withstand years of physical and environmental abuse, they are the logical choice when choosing guard houses, dock shelters, sally ports, perimeter check points, inspection booths and gun or surveillance towers.

Guard Booth
Guard Booth

Serious about Security.

In addition to options available on all Par-Kut guard booths, special security features are offered to keep personnel comfortable, as well as secure. A partial list of options includes reflective glass, gun portals, security screens, intercoms, sliding windows, exterior lighting, dimmable interior lights, and bullet resistant construction to UL 752, Level 8. As a crucial aspect of today’s security systems, Par-Kut has perfected bullet resistant fabrication.

Durable. Portable.

Par-Kut guard booths offer the most durable, long-lasting, welded galvanized portable steel buildings such as guard houses, guard shacks, observation towers, border inspection booths and security access control checkpoints. Those guard booths are all prefabricated and portable. The factory-assembled guard booth allows you to easily move it with a forklift, a crane or many other methods. Par-Kut’s guard booths are all welded steel construction with the use of durable, low maintenance materials, which ensures the guard booth’s greatest longevity.

Architectural. Aesthetic.

Par-Kut guard booths are available in a multitude of styles and colors and can include many different exterior looks achieved with two-tone paint, brick veneers, various types of glass and roof top finals. Through these treatments Par-Kut prefab guard booths can complement any location’s design elements or existing architectural scheme. We are constantly striving to bring innovative yet functional and aesthetic guard booth design ideas to the production floor.

About Par-Kut

Here at Par-Kut our specialty is to provide guard booths also known as guard houses, guardhouse, guard shacks or security booths, but our focus is customer service and helping you find the best guard booth at hand. Our guard booths are all durable, long-lasting portable steel buildings, since 1954 – built to order and built to last!

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